Refund, Cancellation Policy

To keep our policies simple and user friendly, we do not offer any refunds for the following (reasons being we have to pay in advance for some services, admin has invested time/efforts to offer a service OR for some products there are cancellation policies but not refund. Please read carefully:

  • In general, any service for which you have completed a monetary transaction falls under non-refundable policy.
  • Under Linux Shared Hosting, Monthly Paid plans are not eligible for any refund.
  • Under Linux Shared Hosting, Yearly plans at the time of purchase (new registrations only) falls under "Use First, Pay only If Satisfied (UFPIS)" Scheme. In this scheme the customer registers and gets delivered a fully working CPanel account without any monetary transaction (No CC/Cards required, 100% Risk Free). The customer is free to cancel the hosting during the next 7 days without any monetary implication. If he/she decides to proceed, a relevant payment needs to be done by end of 9th day (IST). Post this, no refunds are applicable.
  • Existing clients are not eligible for the UFPIS scheme.

  • There will be no Refunds for Malwares/Phising/Spamming Related Issues
  • There will be no Refunds if the customer Requested for Migration of service from other servers as it will have some admin works to perform the migration task.
  • There will be no Refunds if the customer Violated our Terms of service/FUP Policy

Cancellation of Services

  • In order to cancel an already paid service, a cancellation request needs to be sent to and generate a ticket.
  • The cancellation will be processed in 7 – 10 working days.
  • Before sending a cancellation request please make sure you have taken all your backups.
  • After the cancellation of Service, We company cannot be held responsible for data loss due to suspension or termination.

Note : By Doing the Order,you are accepted to all our Policy pages Terms of Service,Refund Policy & Privacy Policy.

Paypal Dispute Handling

  • In case of any PayPal Dispute Raised by an customer the payment you have made on the invoice will be reversed. The service will be suspended. You can contact our Support before opening an dispute to resolve your issue smoothly
  • In case of any Data loss due to service suspension/termination in PayPal Dispute cases we are not responsible!

All sales are final.

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Valid on Plans Starting Rs 535 and above.

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