Terms & Conditions

Offer Terms: Use First, Pay only If Satisfied! (Click to expand)
  • This offer is only for new registration users only; not valid for customers already having an account with SUDEHost with an active hosting with us.
  • This offer is valid till December 31 2020 11.59PM IST OR until further notice.
  • There is no offer code for this. Any new registration will automatically be enrolled for this offer.
  • This offer is valid only for Yearly Linux Shared Hosting Plans and not monthly plans.
  • Under this offer, after a new registration (provide basic details), user needs to select a yearly plan and proceed with the registration.
  • During registration and payment, the new registrant needs to fill in offer registration form to proceed.
  • Once registered and payment done, we will prepare the account at the backend and activate the same within 12 hours of registration.
  • Post hosting plan activation - the customer will have 90 days (as per IST) to experience the hosting features.
  • The activated hosting plan will automatically be cancelled and all data deleted if no purchase intent is sent by customer.
  • If the customer wishes to continue with the hosting, he/she needs to send an email to support@sudehost.xyz informing us of the intent to continue.
  • The customer will soon be sent a payment link to complete the payment of relevant discussed amount as per the PRICING page.
  • According the yearly plan will be activated till the next recurring payment date (after a year)
  • Once the customer has paid - there is no refund possible under any circumstances.
  • All sales are final.
Flat 30% or 50% OFF Terms (Click to expand)

TnC1: Valid for Web Hosting services of SUDEHost only.

TnC1.1: Valid for Yearly Plans only. (Monthly Plans & "Use First Pay only If Satisfied" offer not valid with this offer)

TnC1.2: Future renewals (2nd year onwards) happen at full price (without any discounts)

TnC2: Not Valid for already discounted Hosting Plans (mentioned under HOT DEALS)

TnC3: Valid only on payments done in INR and payment done through any mode.

TnC4: Once payment is done/received in next 12 hours, your hosting account will be created and intimidated through email.

TnC5: [Very Important] SUDEHost as of now deals with Web Hosting only. You need a valid and registered domain name (registered outside SUDEHost) in order to activate the hosting.

TnC6: All details needs to be filled with best accuracy to avoid rejection.

TnC7: All sales are final and non-refundable once CPanel account is created (except in case of rejection, see TnC8)

TnC8: In case your details are rejected and account is not created you are entitled for full refund (minus payment gateway fees).

TnC9: You have the option to cancel your already confirmed CPanel hosting with us, but no refund will be executed. Though all your data will be deleted from our servers .

General Terms and Conditions


All the services and products provided under SUDEHost are meant to be used for lawful purposes only. This includes NOT using & storing copyrighted materials or threatening or materials protected by some trade secrets. We are not responsible for the damages you suffer for violating our terms. We hold the right to change the TOS and other policies without prior notification.


All the services we provide are meant to have 99.9% of uptime. In case of any damages which makes our services down for longer than this duration, We will prorate the applicable portion of monthly or yearly service charges upon request.


We strictly don’t allow any Websites or Content that promotes any illegal activity or present content that may damage our servers or any other server on the Internet. Linking such materials is also strictly prohibited. Any attempt made to undermine or cause harm to our servers is strictly prohibited, detection of such things may result in service suspension without prior notice. We hold the authority to suspend your account without refund in case we detect any such malicious activities. Server abuse includes but is not limited to the following.

A. CPU/Resource intensive Programs.

B. Denial of Service Attacks.

C. Hacking/cracking of any kind (This includes exploits).

D. Account trading.

E. Spamming.

G: Transmission, storage or distribution of any information, data, or material in violation of any law or regulation is prohibited. This included but not limited to: copyrighted material, trademarks, or any other illegal content. Examples: Movies, MP3s, Pirated Software, Hacker Programs, or Warez Sites.

H: We do not allow IRC on our VPS and Shared servers. We allow game servers on our VPS accounts however they must follow our server resource policy.

I: Warez, image/file dump, mirror, or ad services.

J: Sale of a controlled substance or online pharmacies.

K: Autosurf sites, investment sites, escrow, HYIP, bank debenture programs, or lottery sites.

L: Brute force programs, IP scanners, mail bombers, and spam scripts.

M: Personal Proxies are allowed.

N: Gaming Apps, Feed or Executionables

Cancellation Policy

Please refer to Refund Policy


Hosting content that promotes any adult content. And any racism content, it’s not limited to colour, religion, creed or any beliefs will result in immediate suspension of services.

Adult Content

Websites that promote adult content, pornography or sex-related content is allowed under some circumstances, contact the support team before including such content. Child pornography is strictly prohibited, in case we find any Child Pornographic content, we’ll immediately suspend your services.

Copyrighted Content

If we received any kind of copyrighted content notice by DMCA, then we will take immediate action on it and suspend your Website and account without giving you notice.

Backups and Data Policy

Please make your own arrangements in taking backups of the content hosted through SUDEHost (preferably through FTP).

Spam / Mail Policy

We don’t allow spam or bulk emailing in any circumstances. You can’t use our servers or any services for bulk or unsolicited e-mails. You can send 350 messages per hour with your account. Subscribing email addresses to any mailing list without the express permission of the email address owner is prohibited. All mailing lists run on our servers must be Closed-loop (Confirmed Opt-in).

Data migration Policy

You need to make your own arrangements in migrating from other server to SUDEHost's.

Refusal of service

We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or suspend service at our sole discretion.

SUDEHost holds the right to changes prices, policies, and configurations of any account when needed without any prior notice.

Service charges

SUDEHost holds the right to changes prices, policies, and configurations of any account when needed without any prior notice.

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Valid on Plans Starting Rs 535 and above.

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